Solid Color Codes

Thursday, September 17th, 20092 Commented

This table lists Hanna Andersson solid/plain colors alphabetically along with their code. Special thanks to all contributors for sharing their codes! If you have codes to submit please use the form at the bottom of the page. With your help I can keep this list updated.

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Likeness* Color Name Code
Air Blue 75F
Airy Aqua E11
Amber U32
Amsterdam Grey 84M
Antwerp Grey 82F
Apple Green 068
Apple Red 53H
Apricot G33
Aqua 932
Aqua Pool 76F
Aqua Surf S05
Aruba Blue Z07
Atrium Green 28H
Aubergine E08
Auburn 34H
Aurora Blue X73
Baby Blue 008
Bakery Pink 66M
Baltic 76D
Banana Yellow Z06
Barely Blue F70
Barn Brown 49H
Barn Red L24
Bay Blue F67
Beach Blue Y40
Beach Glass 22N
Beach Mist 41H
Beet N82
Begonia E95
Beige 956
Bermuda Blue E72
Berry Bloom E66
Berry Mix 82M
Big Sky Blue 74F
Bird’s Egg Blue Z30
Black 015
Black Patent F55
Blooming Orchid C41
Blossoming Pink P24
Blue 119
Blue Calm F54
Blue Feather 44H
Blue Hills V89
Blue Hue N01
Blue Island 79M
Blue Lake S19
Blue Pool 80M
Bluer than Blue 43H
Blue Sail X88
Blue Sea W16
Blue Sky B60
Blue Song S10
Blue Star E48
Bluest Sky 14C
Blue Twilight Y02
Blue/Green V42
Boathouse Blue 29H
Book Blue 42H
Breezy Blue E10
Bright Blossom Z31
Bright Coral Blossom 81F
Bright Fuchsia D28
Bright Mandarin U24
Brown 129
Brown Nubuck A36
Brown Suede X56
Budding Green D39
Burnt Orange J89
Butter 079
Cafe Brown Z44
California Poppy U82
Camden Khaki S32
Candy Green X99
Cantaloupe B53
Canyon 57D
Capri Blue H58
Caribbean Blue P73
Carrot 931
Cedar Green V93
Celery J87
Celery Leaf 74N
Celestial C39
Cerise 68D
Chamois 109
Charcoal 012
Cherry Red 040
Chestnut 928
Chili Pepper B50
China Rose
Chocolate H12
Chocolate Lab U31
Cinnabar C44
Citron A75
Citrus Green H50
City Grey 97E
Clay Grey 85M
Clean Canvas 11C
Clean Green E21
Clear Green F66
Clear Sky H57
Clearwater Blue D35
Clipper Blue H59
Clover Field 55D
Cocoa 113
Coffee K97
Cookie Khaki L94
Coral Lily 94C
Coral Peach X95
Coral Pink R79
Corn 65D
Cornflower Blue 141
Cotton Candy U21
Crema P82
Crystal Grey 77B
Cyclamen Pink H14
Daffodil M30
Dark Heather Grey J81
Dark Indigo U11
Dark Teal 718
Daybreak P23
Deep Blue Sea A79
Deep Olive 61D
Deep Magenta D14
Dove White G97
Eggshell Blue N53
Elm 71M
Energy Orange M64
Equator Blue 78M
Espresso A84
Evening Dawn 71D
Faded Red M31
Fall Pumpkin C55
Fern 066
Fern Green R40
Field Green X89
Fir Green U43
First Lavender S03
First Lilac P86
Flame 35H
Foggy Blue 75M
French Blue A39
French Pink U30
French Vanilla W11
Fresco Blue P78
Fresh Heather Grey N31
Fresh Lavender N50
Fresh Melon 72D
Fresh Mint P90
Fresh Pink H44
Fuchsia 038
Gable Green X72
Garden Pink E94
Garnet 20M
Garnet Red Q91
Geranium Pink Y04
Ginger Pink U34
Glitter V76
Go Green U26
Golden Sun 05C
Good Earth 51H
Grape Juice C63
Grape Punch
Grass Green H73
Grassland 54D
Green Bean H51
Green Fizz 140
Green Glaze Z71
Green Hills Q92
Green House R31
Green Leaves 399
Green Meadow Z39
Green Tea L23
Green Wings Y77
Grey 120
Grey-Blue Sky 83B
Grey Moon 69D
Harvest Plum G54
Hazel H54
Heather Blue 59E
Heather Grey 011
Heather Lilac 58E
Heather Pinkc 57E
Heathered Graphite D17
Honeycomb 31H
India Red C46
Inspiration Pink F07
Iris F65
Irish Moss G58
Island Blue F68
Island Orchid B61
Ivy K07
Juice 69M
Kelly 92N
Kelly Green 595
Khaki H60
Khaki B71
Khaki P76
Khaki 019
Khaki Heather R10
Khaki Rope 12C
Lavender F71
Lavender Pastille P83
Leaf Green H93
Leaflet K48
Lemon Drop X94
Lemonade M10
Lichen L47
Light Apricot U36
Light Denim Q32
Light Heather D81
Lilac 044
Lilac Moon P26
Lily 25H
Lily Green
Lily Pink W06
Limeade S04
Lookout Blue 77M
Lotus Green U33
Lovely Lilac 83M
Magenta 031
Magenta Moon 37D
Magic Purple E71
Mandarin E18
Mango A03
Map Blue D47
Maple D49
Marina 164
Marine Blue M41
Mast Grey 70D
Melon G35
Mimosa M56
Mineral Blue C33
Mint Green R39
Moonlight Blue 03C
Moonlit Jade M98
Morning Green H49
Morning Light 32H
Morning Mandarin Y15
Mushroom 85B
Nasturtium 16C
Navy A91
Navy Ink Y00
Norse Blue 77D
Ocean Blue 853
Ocean Deep
Oolong Green U29
Old Ivy A02
Orange Flame 67M
Orange Juice L26
Orange Peel 073
Orange Poppy D34
Orange Tree V86
Orchid Blossom 64D
Orchid Petal 937
Pagoda Blue J88
Paint Green 73M
Pale Butter A45
Pale Peony D42
Pale Pool P28
Pale Purple F05
Pansy Purple U35
Papaya H41
Parchment 24I
Pear G21
Pearl C28
Peony Pink B52
Perfect Purple E12
Peri Blue S31
Picking Violets W13
Pink Azalea B59
Pink Garden 67D
Pink Happiness 65M
Pink Flower H69
Pink Fruit
Pink Roses F04
Poetry Purple 75D
Pool Green U38
Poppy 06G
Pottery Orange 86F
Power Purple 098
Purple 098
Purple Gem U06
Purple Jewel 81M
Purpleberry S17
Purple Mountain 56D
Red 030
Red Door S14
Ribbon Pink 090
Rich Red V94
Rio Red M23
Rosa 33N
Rose Bloom U44
Rose Blossom G44
Rosy Dawn P27
Royal Blue 058
Rowboat Blue 63D
Ruby Red 27M
Scuba Blue
Seed Green 13C
Seville Orange 80F
Shell Peach W09
Shell Pink 009
Slipper Pink 74D
Soft Amethyst R24
Soft Apricot S15
Soft Aqua
Soft Coral H46
Soft Lavender
Soft Sea Blue V09
Soft Sky Blue W14
Soft White 67E
Soleil H40
Spice Orange 58D
Sprig Green 20C
Sprout Green 565
Star Blue
Steel Grey E40
Stockholm Blue 252
Stormy Grey A88
Story Pink 78F
Stream E96
String 70F
Sugarplum Purple 84B
Summer Green H52
Summit Blue K65
Sunlit Lilac 10C
Sunny Blue U28
Sun Up Yellow Z36
Surf H56
Swedish Grey L53
Swedish Red U80
Swedish Teal W02
Swedish Yellow U47
Sweet Pink E16
Tan Tint 86M
Tapestry Blue 45H
Teacart Tan U49
Teal Wave U42
Tearose E70
Teawashed S30
Terrain 37H
Thyme Z46
Tiger Orange B46
Toffee Z40
Treasure Pink 88F
Tree Ivy 19C
True Turquoise E13
Turquoise L41
Ultimate Blue E49
Underbrush D50
Velvet Violet 47H
Very Berry A73
Very Violet F06
Vintage Blue D57
Viola R35
Violet G34
Violet Petal B62
Vista Blue Z43
Vivid Pink H48
Warm Sun 30H
Washed Ancho 87F
Washed Antwerp 70L
Washed Indigo B31
Washed Lilac Q76
Washed Yellow X98
Water Blue 866
Watercolor Blue C79
Watercolor Green 15C
Water Leaf 73F
Waterlily Blue Z35
Weather Blue 07C
White 001
Wild Rose D65
Wild Violet D37
Wildwood Pink E67
Wintergreen 32F
Wish Pink W07
Woods Green S09
Yarrow 87M
Zest Green 27H
Zinc N58


You will find the color code of your item above the bar code on the price tag. The first 5 digits are the item SKU, the middle 3 digits/letters are the color code, and the last 3 digits are the size. See example:


*Likeness is a hex #, not a photograph, so texture is not rendered, and the color should be considered approximate.

*Tip: Use your browser’s Edit > Find feature to search this post for your color code.

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  1. Dan L says:

    Is the Good Earth brown or black base?
    Thank you!

    • Desiree says:

      Good Earth is a very dark brown. It is the current brown that is out in retail stores now. It was also offered in a pack sold at Costco earlier this year.

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